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How to Fix Nat Type on Cisco Router?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation and it’s a web networking notion used by the router to divide one IP address to multiple. You may confront three types of NAT issues Type Open, Type Moderate and Type Strict. When you connect the device to the internet through a router, then the computer reads many IP addresses. When you use Cisco Router with NAT capabilities, then it serves as a middle man between the internet and connections. Setting NAT resolves many issues and allows all of your software to connect to the internet properly.

  • Navigate to the Cisco router’s settings: Make sure to connect your router and open any internet browser on the system. Enter the exact address for your Cisco router. For most of the Cisco router is the IP address and if this doesn’t work, then go through the instructions that came with your router. It comes with a sticker on it containing a username and the default password.
  • Now, open port forwarding section. Once you logged in, locate “Port Forwarding” option on the left hand side of the window. Select it and scroll down to the Settings option. Few things have to be changed here to get an open NAT setting. Find the UPnP box and activate it. This works similar to the Windows Plug and Play on a network level, and permits the router to operate what it’ll take for a new product on your network to properly engage with the internet.
  • Locate the IP address of the computer by going to Start menu button and then type “cmd.exe” into the run box. Press Enter to open the Command utility window. Now, type “ipconfig”. Doing this will show the computer details and the IP address.
  • Put your hardware in the router’s DMZ. If above steps doesn’t solve your NAT issue, then set your system, and gaming console to the bypass the router’s safety features. This will allow the hardware to connect to the internet.

If you are still getting some issues while fixing NAT type, then Cisco Support Number 1800-431-200 is there to help you 24/7 throughout the year. Whenever you experience any problem with Cisco, just call us to get direct assistance in a short time. Moreover, users can email us or have a live chat with our live agents.

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